The Graduates of 2017 are in for a harsh reality check when they graduate from University.

According to a new survey, salary expectations today are completely out of line with what employers are willing to pay for graduates seeking entry-level jobs.

Today most employers expect a graduate to have at least one internship by the time they graduate.

A recent survey by Analytico, provided the following sample data about the average starting salary in South Africa. This data was provided using 93,600 university graduates.

Please note that the salary figures are not occupation specific, but rather attempts to provide a broad picture of what graduates with a particular degree can expect to earn each month.


For more detailed information, please follow this link to the full article on BusinessTech.

While it is natural that we all think we’re above average, the result will be that many seniors will end up disappointed. Just 7% of employers said new graduates did not need at least one internship under their belts to be considered a good candidate for a job.

Almost two thirds of employers – 65% – were looking for two or more internships, while 35% felt three internships was the minimum students should have completed by the time they graduate.

Recruiters and college seniors are increasingly valuing internships above academic record, according to the survey. Seven in 10 said internship experience matter more than college grades when applying for a job.

The rise of internships threatens to put students from less affluent backgrounds at even more of a disadvantage in the jobs market. With many internships unpaid or attracting only modest rewards, students who need to earn money during vacations will increasingly find themselves shut out of the most desirable graduate jobs.


With all this in mind, does 2017 look like a good year for graduates? Not really but there is always a way to get around it. Graduates need to be open minded to the idea of taking the first hit, taking the low paying internship in order to get in the door of their industry, from there, that experience will help propel you forwards in your career.



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